Does Jordan have siblings? (2024)

Does Jordan have siblings?

Delores E. Jordan, is the older sister of famed NBA superstar, Michael Jordan, and the second oldest of the 5 children born to James and Delores Jordan.

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Did Jordan have siblings?

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Did MJ have siblings?

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Who is Michael Jordan's oldest sister?

Delores E. Jordan, is the older sister of famed NBA superstar, Michael Jordan, and the second oldest of the 5 children born to James and Delores Jordan.

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Who does Jordan have a kid with?

MJ had three kids with his former wife, Juanita Vanoy, to whom he was married for 17 years. Jeffrey, 34, Marcus, 32, and Jasmine, 30, were all born when Michael Jordan was still writing his GOAT-worthy resume with the Bulls. The five-time NBA MVP also has twins with model Yvette Prieto, his wife for the past 10 years.

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Does Jordan have a sister?

Michael is the fourth child born to Deloris Jordan and James R. Jordan Sr., who died in 1993. He has two older brothers — James Jr. (known as “Ronnie”) and Larry — and two sisters — older sister Deloris and younger sister Roslyn.

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Does Jordan have any biological kids?

Get to Know Michael Jordan's Kids — Jeffrey, Marcus, Jasmine, Victoria, and Ysabel. Legendary basketball player Michael Jordan has five children — his three eldest children with first wife, Juanita Vanoy, and his youngest two with his current wife Yvette Prieto.

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Does MJ have a brother?

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Are any of the Jackson 5 still alive?

While Michael died in 2009 at age 50 almost and, all of his siblings are still alive to continue his legacy.

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Why did Jackson 5 break up?

Over their long career, they were a huge commercial success performing pop, soul, R & B, and even disco as one of the most beloved family acts in music, though their solo careers—particularly Michael's—eventually overshadowed the group and led to its dissolution.

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Who was Jordan's first wife?

Michael Jordan had just begun his prolific NBA career when he met his first wife Juanita Vanoy. When the pair first crossed paths at a restaurant in 1985, Jordan was only one season into his career with the Chicago Bulls.

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Did Michael Jordan serve in the military?

Jordan served with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves form 1979-2002 and again from 2004-2006. He joined the Marines right after his 18th birthday and when he graduated from college he was commissioned as a second lieutenant.

Does Jordan have siblings? (2024)
Is Michael Jordan close to his family?

James and Michael had an extremely close relationship

Michael has been very open about his close relationship with his father. He called him "my rock" on The Last Dance and said they "were very close."

Does Michael Jordan have any illegitimate kids?

This is nonsense for a few reasons, but primarily because Butler wasn't even born until September 1989. Rumors have swirled for years that Jordan has an illegitimate child, but there has never been any evidence to back up these claims.

Are Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen friends?

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were once a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court — but their friendship has seemingly turned sour.

Do any of Michael Jordan's sons play basketball?

Who is Michael Jordan's real dad?

James Raymond Jordan Sr.

(July 31, 1936 – July 23, 1993) was the father of former basketball player Michael Jordan.

What is Jordan's girlfriends name?

Although the NBA legend and Cuban-born model keep their relationship private, they have appeared on a few red carpets together. The couple have also attended basketball games, boxing matches and NASCAR races. Here's everything to know about Yvette Prieto, Michael Jordan's wife.

Does Jordan have a wife?

Who is the father of Jordan's first child?

Jeffrey Jordan is Michael Jordan's first child with his first wife Juanita Vanoy. Before they married, Michael didn't believe that he was his son.

What do Jordan's kids do?

The former Chicago Bulls player is a father of five and a grandfather of one. Through his first marriage to Juanita Vanoy, he has three older children: Jeffrey, 35, Marcus, 33, and Jasmine, 31, who are all involved in the business side of basketball and their dad's Air Jordan line.

What do MJ's sons do?

Who are Michael Jordan's 4 siblings?

MJ was the fourth child of James Jordan and his wife, Deloris. He has two older brothers, James Jr and Larry and an elder sister named after Deloris herself. Jordan's younger sister, Roslyn, was barely a year younger than him.

What is Michael Jackson religion?

It's easy to see how his yearning for a lost childhood connects to his fixation with Peter Pan and his abnormal relationships with children. But Jackson connected it to something else: His religion. Raised as a Jehovah's Witness, Jackson as a child would go door to door peddling religious literature.

Is MJ related to Janet Jackson?

Janet opened up about the darker side of their relationship with her legendary brother. Janet Jackson is talking about her strained relationship with her brother Michael Jackson. In her new documentary for Lifetime and A&E, Janet opened up about the darker side of their relationship with her legendary brother.

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