Best Restaurants Manteo Nc (2024)

1. Top Restaurants in Manteo & Roanoke Island | Deli's & Fine Dining

  • Apr 1, 2022 · The Best Eats of Manteo and Roanoke Island · Blue Water Grill. Kicking things off, the Blue Water Grill in Manteo is a destination for fresh, ...

  • Taste the best dishes & drinks in Manteo and Roanoke Island. Order up some fresh seafood from these restaurants, for a true Outer Banks experience.

2. Great Places to Eat in Manteo | Top Roanoke Island Dining

  • Great Places To Eat in and around Manteo · Basnight's Lone Cedar Cafe · BlueWater Grill & Raw Bar.

  • Searching for the best places to eat in Manteo? Check out our list of all the best dining options in Manteo, NC on Roanoke Island.

3. Manteo, NC, Restaurants - Roanoke Island

4. Blue Water Grill Restaurant: Premier Restaurant in Manteo NC

  • Dinner Menu · Lunch Menu · Mimi's Tiki Hut · About us

  • Blue Water Grill Restaurant: Your ultimate destination for best lunch, diiner, dessert and drink meneus in Manteo OBX NC. Join us for a memorable experience

5. Top Restaurants In The Outer Banks | Vacation Guide - Twiddy

  • Missing: manteo | Show results with:manteo

  • Looking for a good place to eat in the outer banks? Browse our list of top OBX restaurants curated by locals to search by town & learn about each dining option.

6. Restaurants In Manteo | Seafood, Bar-B-Que & Cafes - Outer Banks

  • Explore the culinary culture of the Outer Banks with our guide to restaurants in Manteo, NC! Enjoy rich local flavors, from fresh seafood to slow-cooked ...

  • Explore the culinary culture of the Outer Banks with our guide to restaurants in Manteo, NC! Enjoy rich local flavors, from fresh seafood to slow-cooked BBQ.

7. Restaurants in Manteo, North Carolina - GAYOT

  • Restaurants in Manteo ; Restaurant. Rating ; Adrianna's. Contemporary/ Southern/ Seafood, 13/20 ; 207 Queen Elizabeth Ave., Ste. 5. Manteo, NC 27954 | Menu ; 1587 ...

  • Find a restaurant in Manteo, North Carolina, with GAYOT's professional reviews, make reservations, and get restaurant contact information.

8. Manteo, NC, Restaurants: Waterfront | Outer Banks, NC - Roanoke Island

  • Basnight's Lone Cedar. 7623 S. Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head/Manteo Causeway, Nags Head ; Roanoke Island Market. Manteo, NC, Waterfront restaurants. 207 Queen ...

  • Roanoke Island is surrounded by water, so why not take advantage of those beautiful views with a meal by the water. Gazing out over Roanoke Sound or...

9. Try All of Our Outer Banks Restaurants When You're in Town

  • JK's Restaurant – Kill Devil Hills. For Fabulous Views. With over 100 miles of shoreline, it's not difficult to find a place to eat with stunning ocean views.

  • Where you eat during any vacation is a very important factor. Check out Shoreline OBX's Outer Banks restaurant recommendations while you're in the area!

10. Restaurants, Outer Banks - Discover Manteo

  • Restaurants in Manteo on the Outer banks ; 1587 Lounge · Avenue Waterfront Grill ; Avenue Waterfront Grill · Avenue Waterfront Grill ; Blue Water Grill & Raw Bar.

  • Casual dining or a romantic dinner? Coffee or dessert? Brewery or distillery? Manteo restaurants will satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst.

11. Waterfront Manteo Restaurant | The 1587 Lounge - Tranquil House Inn

  • 1587 Restaurant & Lounge is a waterfront Manteo restaurant offering dinner, beer, wine, and signature hand-crafted drinks in the perfect relaxed atmosphere.

Best Restaurants Manteo Nc (2024)


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